The Beginning of Resting Rock Ministry, Inc.

Larry began hearing the call to begin this ministry around the year 2000.  He felt God asking him – “if you could do anything, what would it be?”  The answer to that question became to serve the Bride of Christ – the Church.  After much prayer, listening, and waiting, Larry and I finally answered the call on 8/08/08.  We stood on the deck of our farm home and said, “Yes, Lord – take us, make us, and help us to serve those who serve YOU.”   And “suddenly” we were moving to this home on Five Island Lake in Emmetsburg, Ia.  As we look back over those 8 years, and even the many years before that, we can see God’s hand on our lives – preparing us and leading us in this direction.

Resting Rock Ministry was inspired by God to come along existing Ministries to encourage, allow a place to rest, retreat, and renew.  The lower level of our home is set apart for this ministry.  This area has a living area, kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  We supply all the bedding and the towels.  Our guests may do their own cooking as there is a stove, refrigerator, and a microwave.  We have dishes and pots and pans available and access to a grill and deck.  The home is on the lake so there is access to fishing and swimming.  We also have a canoe, sand volleyball area, a fire pit, and a comfortable hammock down by the lake.  Emmetsburg is a town of about 3,000 and has several good restaurants, a movie theater, a 9 hole golf course, and a Wellness Center with exercise equipment and a pool.

To date we have served Pastors, Worship Teams, Missionaries, and Christian Speakers for Church Events, Music Ministries, and lay people who spend their time serving the Lord in many different capacities.  They have come for rest and renewal, fasting and prayer, or to brainstorm a new idea, or a change or addition to their church body.  Some guests have stayed for a night or 2, while others come for an evening of fellowship.

We have been doing this ministry since 2009 and we have met many great and wonderful guests.   We have learned from them and we have been able to provide them a place to get away for a night or so and to lay their weary heads in a home surrounded by God’s presence; safe and warm and ready to hear from Him.   We welcome you to take a look at our website and if you find a need to get away or just want an evening of fellowship, give us a call and set some time aside for rest, renewal, and regeneration.

Board of Directors and Pastoral Support

  • Harry & Julie Jeno
  • Mark & Chelsey Feauto
  • Jim & Beth Hudson
  • Pastor Dennis Niles of Faith Lutheran Church, Palmer, IA
  • Pastors Al and Barb Dean of Living Word Outreach Ministries, Spencer, IA